The Virtual Women's Health & Happiness Summit

June 16,   June 17,   June 18, 2020.

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Reaping the rewards of Plant-based living


Kimberly Kohse teaches inspired women to lose weight naturally, create energy to burn and protect themselves from chronic disease.

She is a  lifetime student of holistic nutrition and expert in Plant-based eating & lifestyle. 

Elevate your vibration, Elevate your life!


Erika is a Kundalini yoga teacher, manifesting coach and high vibrational lifestyle influencer. Her journey of high vibrational living began when she shifted to a plant based diet and lifestyle. Her goal is to help anyone she works with tap into their highest potential, becoming their happiest and healthiest self!

Unleash the power of Femininity


Ksenia Sita believes that femininity is natural to every woman, and benefits not only her health and appearance but also personal life & relationships. She holds a Master’s Degree in Arts, used to be an interpreter  travelling internationally, and has now turned to healing studies, practices, and femininity.  Ksenia is certified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and currently studies at the Russian/Ukrainian school of Energy healing.

A Chef's secrets to ramp up your veggies


Executive Chef Ron Pickarski is 46 years a vegan chef, Gold medalist in the German International Culinary Olympics, author of four cookbooks, and founder of Eco-Cuisine, Inc. As a Culinologist he develops vegan speed scratch savory and dessert products and wrote his fourth book teaching how to cook vegan.

The 4 PILLARS - Systems for more joyful living


Jill Kane helps Health Coaches and Wellness professionals create and launch their online programs and grow a sustainable and highly profitable business without compromising their quality of life.

Essential steps to ensure your family is healthy!


Susan Macfarlane, MSc, RD is a Registered Dietitian and expert in plant-based nutrition. She currently operates a private practice in Ottawa, Canada where she helps others actualize their health and nutrition goals using the power of food.

Gain confidence & leadership using the power of your voice


Marjorie Saulson is a Communications Confidence Coach and International Bestselling Author.

She believes that speaking with clarity, confidence & conviction changes lives. That is what she coaches others to do, so they can realize their dreams.

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